World Earth Day 2021: the project to adopt a hive to make a contribution to the maintenance of biodiversity is under way

On the occasion of World Earth Day 2021 BonelliErede, leader in Italy in legal and tax services, decided to adopt a hive at the farm "Apicoltura Costenaro G&C SNC" in the province of Como, supporting its growth and production.

Bees are an indispensable element for the protection of nature, contributing, through pollination, to the maintenance of the planet's biodiversity: with this initiative BonelliErede intends to protect the process set in motion by bees to ensure the continuous succession of natural mechanisms.

The world of bees – as many studies have recently shown – is endangered by human action and the risk of their extinction over the next 50 years is real. BonelliErede has therefore chosen to intervene with a concrete and at the same time symbolic action: within a year, the adoption of the hive will lead to the protection of about 60 thousand bees, guaranteeing the pollination of about 60 million flowers and the indirect felling of about 300 kg of CO2.

The initiative is part of bonelliErede's livebetter project that aims to improve the lives of all its people. The idea arises from the fact that if it is true that the difference can be made by everyone in their own small way even through simple and daily actions, sometimes – although we want to carry out distinctly sustainable actions – we do not know how to do it. With the adoption of this hive BonelliErede wanted to give its more than 750 people in Europe, Africa and the Middle East a small tool to do so. Today, in fact, there is greater awareness of the impact of their actions and this leads many to want to affect, for the benefit of all, the protection of species and the ecosystem that makes the survival of the Earth possible.

The adoption of the hive by BonelliErede will be carried out in collaboration with 3Bee, a green startup that has developed a system of monitoring and diagnostics of hives to allow constant observation by everyone and in real time of the state of the bees and the environmental impact that their work will produce.