Law Firms in Bahrain
A.Ghani Qarooni & Associates
Location iconBahrain

A distinguished Law Firm in The Kingdom of Bahrain known for the depth and scope of its legal advisory services through decades of devotion to the Bahraini legal system and its clients.

Al Mahroos Legal Group
Location iconBahrain

Highly motivated Bahraini lawyers, empowered by youth energy and ambition, where we strictly obliged by our profession oath and the best advocacy practices as partners of the justice system.

Al Markh Law Firm
Location iconBahrain

Al Markh Lаw Firm & Legal Consultancy iѕ a lеаding company located in the heart of Bahrain’s Capital-Manama.

Al Tamimi & Company
Location iconInternational

Al Tamimi & Company provide our clients with the solution-orientated legal advice they need to discover new opportunities and find legal solutions to complex problems.

Ali Sharif Zu’bi Advocates and Legal Consultants
Location iconInternational

We provide a full range of legal services in Jordan, the Arabian Gulf and internationally through our connections and associations in other parts of the world.

Reem Khalaf Law Firm
Location iconBahrain

We specialise in the Criminal, Civil, Sharia'a and Labour law. We have a highly experienced and professional team that strives to serve and assist our clients.

Salman Legal Services
Location iconBahrain

There is no doubt that the legal profession is one of the most glorified professions, which is based on honesty, integrity and devotion to the professional ethics.

Thomas & Associates
Location iconBahrain, India

THOMAS & ASSOCIATES, Attorneys & Legal Consultants, established in 2004 is a full service corporate/legal firm offering one of the best professional services in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Zainal Law Firm
Location iconBahrain

The corner stones of the firms practice are “Accessibility”, “Quality”, “Integrity” and “Responsiveness”.