ADVEL Attorneys at Law

ADVEL Attorneys at Law

ADVEL offers full legal services to companies, organisations, governmental bodies and the general public. We strive to be a trustworthy, modern and dynamic law firm capable of providing legal services for a broad range of clients.

We provide effective legal advice with comprehensive experience, an insight into our clients’ needs and an in-depth knowledge of the law. In recent years we have increased our commitment even further to services to our international clients, with a support of our legal team, which comprises attorneys with legal education and professional experience from both countries in Europe and the United States. ADVEL Attorneys at Law is a part of Globalaw, one of the world´s leading law firm networks comprising of over 100 independent law firms with approximately 4.500 lawyers practising in over 80 countries worldwide, as well as the Vogel & Vogel international competition network.

Social responsibility

ADVEL lawyers consider it extremely important to respect and promote greater equality and diversity. We consider it our basic duty not to discriminate against employees, clients or others with whom we interact on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, marital status, childbearing, age, disability, religion, beliefs, ethnic origin, race, color, economic status, descent or status. otherwise. We strive to achieve this goal beyond the obligations imposed on us by law and the Codex ethicus, the Code of Ethics for Lawyers.

ADVEL values ​​merit and emphasizes the diverse backgrounds of its employees. Despite the fact that the employees are all Icelanders, they have gained education and work experience in many different fields, around the world. We encourage our employees to develop in work in different fields, not only through work experience but also by pursuing continuing and re-education both in this country and abroad. We build on the above when we add our staff and when we hire law students for temporary jobs. ADVEL considers it its duty to employ regular law students with different backgrounds from the country's universities in paid internships or part-time jobs to provide them with the opportunity to become acquainted with the law firm's activities and increase the diversity of the firm's staff.

ADVEL places great emphasis on the well-being of its employees and supports them in achieving a healthy balance between work and private life. We encourage our employees to take maternity or paternity leave to take care of a growing family, and give parents of young children some leeway when they return to work after leave. We promote a healthy lifestyle and exercise for employees in various ways to reduce the stressful effects of work. We see a balance in the gender balance of employees as an unequivocal option.

ADVEL is a proud supporter of entrepreneurship in the country in collaboration with Icelandic Startups. The firm has supported the entrepreneurship competition Gulleggið with direct financial contributions and in addition supported entrepreneurship with work contributions, advice, lectures, judging and free advice for individual entrepreneurs. The agency's goal is to provide even better support to start-up companies with agreements on a combination of good discount terms and free advice. The purpose is to support a diverse Icelandic economy that creates a thriving community in the country. ADVEL also supports various cultural and charitable causes with direct financial contributions throughout the year.

ADVEL emphasizes compliance, not only with applicable law, but with accepted conduct and recognized values ​​both in Iceland and internationally in its work. Respect is also one of the most important values ​​of the agency that employees are always meant to keep in mind when approaching their subjects and in communicating with others.