Anjie Law Firm has developed rapidly, is innovative, deeply understands client needs, and provides first-class legal services in the capital market and securities, anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition, private equity investment and venture capital, intellectual property, and dispute resolution , Labor Law, Acquisitions and Mergers, Overseas Investment, Insurance and Reinsurance, Banking and Finance, Energy and Mineral Resources, International Trade, Foreign Investment, Information Communication and Media, Private Wealth Management, Real Estate and Construction Engineering, Culture, Art and Entertainment Sports, etc. The field has rich experience in legal services and outstanding performance.

Anjie was established in 2012 by a group of senior lawyers who share common ideas, team spirit, rich practice experience and legal expertise. Anjie adopts an integrated management model, advocating customer first, professional excellence, quality control and resource sharing. Anjie adheres to a unified legal service standard, implements a standardized customer service system, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality, efficient and tailor-made legal services.

Anjie advocates the full development of partners, consultants, lawyers and other professionals in different fields and different professional directions, and emphasizes the division of labor and cooperation between different professions. Anjie partners ensure that the firm can concentrate the best resources and the strongest service team to provide clients with the most feasible legal solutions through their dedicated and sincere cooperation.

Anjie has established a sound internal risk control system and a reasonable governance structure, and implemented a review system for legal service products, a search system for conflicts of interest, and a collective discussion and analysis and evaluation system for major difficult issues to ensure the maximum benefit of customers.

Anjie has a complete staff training system, focusing on cultivating lawyers’ professional qualities and practical experience in their professional careers, encouraging employees with different educational backgrounds and work experiences to achieve personal professional development in the firm, and sharing Anjie’s permanent existence and steady development The long-term benefits brought by.

Anjie attaches great importance to its social responsibility as a qualified corporate citizen in modern society, actively participates in social welfare undertakings, and participates in a large number of social welfare activities including the provision of legal aid services and university scholarship programs.