Aura LLP

Aura LLP

Aura LLP is a law firm in Toronto specialising in business, real estate (residential, commercial) and estates. We are Ontario's leading law firm in real estate co-ownership and fractional property investment.

The firm was founded by lawyers Andreas Kalogiannides and Ryan Martin as a bespoke law firm representing individuals and businesses across Ontario.

We started Aura LLP because we recognised that client expectations are shifting, and that lawyers need to adapt. We envisioned a solution-focused law firm which provides clients with big law firm expertise, but also with small firm flexibility and client focus. Legal solutions customised to your situation and needs. And we have successfully done exactly that.

Our law practice reflects not only our professional expertise, but also our approach to everyday life: building relationships within a community of good clients, knowledgeable professionals and trusted colleagues. In fact, we named our firm ‘Aura’ because we wanted to capture the energy and values we bring to our lives, our work, and the people around us.

Aura LLP donates 2% of its legal fee from every residential real estate closing in Ontario to Homes First Society! Homes First provides supportive housing, shelter and support services across Toronto for over 35 years.  Click here to learn more.