BAGGIO ADVOCACIA was founded almost two decades ago and is regularly registered at OAB-SP as BAGGIO – Law Firm.

We are a modern firm of Legal Consulting and Business, Party and Private Law, which operates in the most diverse areas of Law, serving companies and individuals in defense of their interests, both in the Judicial spheres, as in Agreements by Mediation, Conciliation, Arbitration, Compliance and Risk Prevention.

We serve about 400 brands in Brazil and abroad and are the number 1 office in the country in number of Lawsuits and Administrative Procedures, representing THOUSANDS of Franchisees both individually and in dozens of Associations, Committees and Councils before the most diverse franchisors in the country and also in the ABF.
In our portfolio of clients, are present franchises of all branches: Food, Automotive, Beauty, Health, Wellness and Special Care, Home and Construction, Decoration, Communication (including Computer Science, Print and Electronic Media), Entertainment and Leisure, Education and Educational Materials, Hospitality, Cleaning and Conservation, Fashion (Clothing, Jewelry, Jewelry, Footwear, Bags, Accessories), Insurance, Credit, Taxes and Other Business.
We also act preventively in the Formatting of Franchises (Preparation of Franchising Projects) and in the Preparation and Analysis of Contracts, COFs and other documents of the national and international franchise system.
All our Lawyers are partners of the firm, which guarantees our MISSION of Technical Excellence and the free development of Unpublished Legal Theses for the elaboration and implementation of legal solutions specific to each need of our clients.

Our VISION is to positively impact society through law, which has consolidated our position as a national reference in the branches in which we operate, both in the judicial proceedings themselves, and sponsoring alternative means of conflict resolution (whenever and whenever possible).

Independence and pragmatism are our VALUES, because, despite investing in partnerships and alliances, we act with the necessary tenacity in the exclusive interest of our clients, rejecting dependencies and corporatism of any kind and focusing on the practical resolution - and as fast as possible - of the judicial and extrajudicial problems entrusted to