In the 1990s, the magnitude, quantity and speed with which business was done increased dramatically around the world. Guatemala was no exception: the end of the cold war worldwide, the end of the internal armed conflict at the national level, and the incipient globalization and internationalization in the provision of goods and services brought with them foreign investment, privatizations, major mergers and acquisitions as well as a boom in the banking and construction sectors.

This dynamic growth was an unprecedented opportunity for the law firms that took advantage of it; some of the traditional family firms that until then had dominated the market slowly evolved towards a more institutional firm model; and some groups of specialists who had been formed in these family firms became independent and associated to found their own new institutional firms. These two types of institutional firms are the ones that today dominate the Guatemalan legal services market. 

Legalsa, an institutional law firm specializing in business law, was founded in 2000, near the end of this wave of global economic growth. Legalsa came to the Guatemalan legal market to fill an important unmet need in this new world of business: In the race to close deals on mergers and acquisitions, public contracts and concessions, real estate developments and international transactions and financing, the majority of corporate advisors from leading firms weren't ready to provide the necessary ongoing support when things didn't go as expected; When faced with intercompany conflicts or worse, internal company conflicts, their reaction was often slow, disorganized, impersonal and without leadership.

For many clients, this response was not what they wanted. When their rights, their assets, or even their freedom are at stake, this is when clients want the most and need to know that they count on their lawyer as an unconditional ally. 

That is our essence, the DNA of Legalsa. We emerged as a young, aggressive, dynamic and highly specialized team of business lawyers, fully committed to defending the rights, wealth and freedom of our clients, be they individuals or companies, through an agile and high intensity strategic approach. , both at the negotiating tables and in courts and forums of any matter. At Legalsa, conflict specialists make sure we know our clients and understand their business, and regulatory and transactional counselors understand how to handle contentious relationships.

Our personal attention, human warmth and technical capacity, in combination with an impeccable record of results, placed us at the forefront of the market as the only business law firm specialized in conflict resolution of all kinds. 

Over time, Legalsa has grown and evolved to become much more than a boutique dispute resolution firm. Legalsa is now a comprehensive services firm, capable of covering all the legal needs of our clients. Today we are a leading firm in corporate and commercial law, having participated in some of the most important mergers and acquisitions in recent years; in Public Law, advising suppliers and concessionaires in several of the largest public procurement cases in the recent history of Guatemala; in highly specialized real estate law; in contentious and non-contentious intellectual property; in estate planning and foreign direct investment.

Throughout these 20 years we have grown, learned and matured, we have successfully entered virtually all the practices of a business law firm and we have enriched our team with new minds and visions. However, above all, we have never forgotten our history, our essence, our DNA, and that is why we are and will continue to be their unconditional ally for our clients, always in their corner.