With more than 40 years of experience individually, the directors identified the advantage of linking their trajectories across the region. As a single firm with a presence in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, we offer our clients comprehensive solutions. Thanks to our centralized coordination, standardization of services and efficient communication between offices, our clients count on us to accompany them in their growth and development.

We are your best option as allies in Central America

Our firm is prepared to provide our clients with the same service in all offices in the region. Our team of lawyers is balanced between several professionals with more than twenty-five years of practice and young people with fresh ideas that move to the rhythm of the modern world.

The proximity between our offices allows us to offer unified communications and standardized services, assuring you that, as strategic allies, you will have agility and efficiency to resolve the transactions that you entrust to us.

We offer our clients a team of knowledgeable people in the field in which they develop, as we have local clients with extensive experience in the economy of their respective countries. The ease of communication of our lawyers in English is also a guarantee of service for our international clients.

These are some clients we have worked with: Thor Capital, Banco Ficohsa, Banco General, Claro, Ventus (El Salvador), Banco General de Panamá (Nicaragua), Multibank (Honduras), Blue Orchard Microfinance Fund, Grupo Monge, Productive Business Solutions PBS, among others.

Due to the high quality of the legal service provided and the preparation and dedication of our lawyers, Lexincorp has been recognized as a recommended firm in the region by Chambers & Partners, Latin Lawyer IFLR1000, Legal 500 and other legal rankings for several consecutive years.

In the same way, Lexincorp is part of various memberships recognized worldwide, among which are Multilaw, International Trademark Association (INTA), Asipi, Latin Counsel, International Bar Association, among others.

Let's forge alliances

In a world in which the ease of communication seems to have put aside the need for interpersonal relationships, we are sure that these are increasingly important. The fact of knowing each other among the interested parties and being able to say that we have shared time together, is a bond that strengthens the way in which they do business.

We trust in being up to the needs that any of our clients may have and we reiterate our assurance that we can become their main ally in the region.