MIJS Co-sponsors the First Virtual Conference for the Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation

The Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation is hosting their virtual conference, Better Together on November 5, 2020. One of our Senior Associates, Sharee Tumbling is an Ambassador for the Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation (AWWC) – Atlanta Chapter and we are happy to announce that Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele will be a proud co-sponsor of the first virtual conference for the AWWC.

Additional details below.

The Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation is excited to host Better Together our first full day conference. The agenda is filled with conversations led by our board members, employer advisory council and ambassadors. Choose from a variety of break-out sessions focused on personal and professional development.

The conference offers an interactive environment with 12 live sessions and more than 30 speakers. Real time networking allows our attendees to engage via video and chat with other attendees.

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9:00 am – Let the conference begin.

Take some time to network and chat with others and visit our partner lounge before the conference begins. Check out the sessions and organize your schedule for the day’s events.

Main Stage

10:00 am – Getting To Know the Alliance

Earlier this year the Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation shifted from in-person events to entirely on-line. With this shift our followers have grown significantly across the industry and we have many new faces joining us. Learn how the Alliance has evolved and plans for the future, including our ambassador and employer advisory council programs, sponsor support, and upcoming content.

  • Artemis Emslie, CadenceRX, Alliance Board President
  • Kimberly George, Sedgwick, Alliance Board Vice President
  • Marijo Storment, Paradigm, Alliance Board Treasurer

11:00 am – Personal Development Sessions

The following sessions are about you, your personal development, and growing as an individual. Here’s your opportunity to improve a skill, consider opportunities to improve self-care and balance in your personal and professional life, and dig into dealing with our constantly changing environment. Attendees will have the ability to choose between the collaboration sessions below.

Session 1: Bringing Your Best Self

What keeps you feeling balanced and, in a mindset, ready to win? Focusing on mental health and wellbeing, self-care, and bringing your best self is the topic of this engaging session.

  • Virginia Baba, PetSmart, Alliance Employer Advisory Council
  • Dorina Hertner, MV Transportation, Alliance Employer Advisory Council
  • Danielle Lisenbey, Broadspire, Alliance Board Secretary
  • Natalie Torres, Workfinders USA

Session 2: Mastering Crucial Conversations

How well do you accept feedback addressing areas of improvement or do you hesitate to deliver a “tough” conversation? Mastering crucial conversation is a skill not to be missed.

  • Tara Acton, Lumen, Alliance Employer Advisory Council
  • Andrea Shopher, Safety National, Alliance Ambassador
  • Marijo Storment, Paradigm, Alliance Board Secretary
  • Kathy Tazic, Sedgwick, Alliance Ambassador

Session 3: Navigating Change

Throughout 2020 we have faced times of uncertainty and navigating change has been a constant in our lives. Hear from our panelists as they offer examples and tips for managing personal and professional change.

  • Janine Kral, Alliance Employer Advisory Council
  • Connie Edwards, AON, Alliance Ambassador
  • Ann Schnure, Concentra, Alliance Board Member

12:00 pm – Common Grounds 

During the pandemic the Alliance’s ambassadors have hosted over 120 collaboration sessions, Common Grounds. These virtual events allow our followers to come together and discuss a topic, share experiences and ideas, and offer meaningful feedback. Today’s Common Grounds sessions were selected by our ambassadors given their hot topic status. Choose the session that is right for you and come prepared to engage in conversation.

Session 1: Access Creativity To Drive Performance

Creative thinking is important in problem solving – and especially relevant in having to come up with out of the box ideas to change business ideas, methods, approaches in times like we are experiencing today.

  • Julie Fetherman, The Workers’ Compensation Institue, Alliance Ambassador
  • Allison Hanson, Exam Works, Alliance Ambassador
  • Wendy Sumrell, Gallagher Bassett, Alliance Board Member

Session 2: Blueprint For Success, Setting Goals

How have you developed empowering daily habits that instill necessary patterns of behavior to meet your goals?  What has worked and how is your journey progressing is the topic of this interactive session.

  • Mary Sawler, StreamlineDX, Alliance Ambassador
  • Michelle Ryan, ESIS, Alliance Ambassador
  • Nancy Strubler, National Express, Alliance Employer Advisory Council

Session 3: Finding Your Authentic Self

Studies suggest being your authentic self in the workplace can boost your happiness and improve your mental well-being. This is an open discussion on ways individuals can achieve this.

  • Christine Lundgren, Post Acute Medical, Alliance Ambassador
  • Claire Muselman, Continental Western Group, Alliance Ambassador
  • Nicole Sauk, Ametros, Alliance Ambassador

Session 4: Making Inclusion A Priority

Is your business network as diverse as it could be? Are we supporting diversity in an open and honest way to foster an environment for everyone? Join this session as we explore making inclusion a priority.

  • Magdalena Alvarez-Miller, Insurance Company of the West, Alliance Board Member
  • Tracey Reid, George Spine & Orthopaedics, Alliance Ambassador
  • Janice Van Allen, Walmart, Alliance Employer Advisory Council

Main Stage

1:00 pm – Being An Ally Empowers Everyone 

The Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation is committed to supporting diversity and inclusion. We not only believe we are Better Together, we understand that each of us living that theme to the best of our abilities empowers everyone. Learn what an ally is, why allies are matter, and how allies improve our teams, companies, and the Alliance.

  • Michele Adams, Walmart, Alliance Employer Advisory Council
  • Ngozi Nnaji, AKO Insurance Consulting

2:00 pm – Career Development Sessions

Our followers have spent significant time during 2020 contemplating their careers. For some of us we are reconsidering personal branding and how to best present ourselves in the virtual work environment. With furloughs, layoffs, and downsizing of companies many are evaluating their next role while simultaneously exploring how to find the right company fit. If board placement is of interest, we have the session for you and just the experts to lead a discussion various boards and board opportunities. Attendees will have the ability to choose between the collaboration sessions below.

Session 1: Boosting Your Personal Brand

In a virtual world we have new opportunities to enhance our personal brand. Our speakers will share key elements to showcasing you and your talents along with tips on what to avoid.

  • Allison Kelly, Sedgwick, Alliance Ambassador
  • Jennifer Ryon, Prime Health Services, Alliance Board Member

Session 2: Landing Your Next Role

With the downturn in the economy due to the pandemic many people in our industry are without jobs or looking for their next opportunity. Hear real life experiences and suggestions to landing you next role.

  • Anita Breedlove, Insight Advantage, Alliance Board Member
  • Morgan Randazzo, PriMedical, Alliance Ambassador
  • Kerri Wilson, EK Health, Alliance Ambassador

Session 3: Planning For Board Placement

Is being a member of a board of interest to you? Learn about non-profit and volunteer boards, private and public boards, and what it takes to find success as a board member.

  • Lisa Hannusch, Rhino Inspired, Alliance Board Member, Emeritus
  • Danielle Lisenbey, Broadspire, Alliance Board Secretary

Main Stage

3.00 pm – Better Together, Today and Tomorrow

The Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation is a think tank of engaged female thought leaders committed to discussing challenges and emerging trends in the workers’ compensation industry. As we close today’s conference reflecting on today will be meaningful to our tomorrow.

  • Kimberly George, Sedgwick, Alliance Vice President
  • Jennifer Ryon, Prime Health Services, Alliance Board Member

3:30 – 4:30 pm – Networking Reception

Please continue to enjoy the networking and partner lounges. Engage in conference and one – one chat.